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“This Blade Lift Tool is a Jewel… Awesome.. its the Cats Meow”

Duane S (Operator) Winfield, KS

“Still working well after all these years” (2017)

Mark S (Operator) Great Bend, KS

ATTENTION : Township Board Members/County Road Supervisor’s: This tool is a “MUST” before your Employee/Asset becomes a Liability!!!

Central Kansas Township Equipment Operator

This tool allows one person to safely and efficiently change cutting edges. Prior to the Leachrod tool, it took two men to change the equipment safely.

General Service Manager, Caterpillar

Where can I get one of these?

Operator in Australia

Using the Leachrod blade lift tool makes changing our blades easier and safer, it’s a really nice tool. The Leachrod has made it way easier on the back.

Salem Township

(Leachrod) will decrease injury from installation. It’s easy to use, and I’ve never seen anything like it! This is a solution for a longtime safety problem.

Kansas Townships

We received it … already used it…. we love it.

From Illinois

We ordered one last summer and the guys love them, we will be ordering more this year.

Northern Kansas Township

I’ve been trying to think of ways to pick these up, then I saw your website. Can’t wait to show these to the guys so we can order.

Kansas Operator

Everyone that has a Leachrod Blade Lift Tool thinks it’s the best thing ever. It saves peoples backs, fingers, and toes; it’s a one man one tool operation. The manufacturing and quality make it an extremely efficient tool.

Product Support Rep, Caterpillar

The guys love using the tool… Thanks Leachrod!

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