The LEACHROD tool makes it quick and easy for a single person to safely change the wear edges on ground equipment. Prevent workplace injuries with this simple, easy-to-use tool!

  • The Right Equipment

    Our tool has a 3 position Breakover Handle that easily adapts to many applications of equipment–the LEACHROD will handle edges up to 400 lbs (NIAR-Certified available upon request)

  • Safety – Injury Free – Reduce Work Comp

    LEACHROD will change the way you install heavy wear edges. Lowers injuries and time off, ultimately saving both employers and employees from accidents, while simultaneously raising and increasing productive activity. This tool is used by DOT Departments, Counties, Cities, and Townships.

  • Call Us Today – 316-260-9000

    Or call Rodney Leach direct for tech support at 316-806-5204. LEACHROD LLC is located in Wichita KS, and proudly offers their patented blade lift tool to clients worldwide. Special Government discounts available.

LEACHROD | Blade Lift Tools
LEACHROD, LLC proudly provides blade lifting tools for customers worldwide.

Use caution when team lifting--it's only to be used as a temporary source. Team lifting can increase trips, slips and falls. Use NIOSH Institute guidelines for two handed manual lifting tasks. It defines the RWL (Recommended Weight Limit) as the weight of the load that nearly all healthy workers can lift over a substantial period of time (8 hours) without an increased risk of developing lower back pain. The maximum weight to be lifted under ideal conditions with two hands is 51 pounds. The RWL is based on six different variables to reduce the weight to less than 51 pounds.