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Rodney was managing a Kansas County Township and received a lifelong injury slipping off a backhoe loaded on a highboy trailer. He has a 20 lb weight limit for the rest of his life. After returning to work he discovered he couldn’t install road grader edges anymore. He purchased what he thought he needed to build the first Leachrod tool. It worked great, he decided it needed to be shared so he applied for a patent. Rodney received a full patent on this tool and started selling them to townships. Rodney enlisted Brent Steven as a partner to help market the product and the company and in April 2011 LEACHROD, LLC was formed. Linda Leach was named as CFO and partner. Rodney has done all of the R&D on every tool and has utilized the design to work on other equipment and attachments that require edge replacement. We are changing the industry standard through safety innovation and efficiency. The LEACHROD tool won the Shock Tank competition at Wichita State University in January of 2015 for new innovation in the construction industry LEACHROD also received an Innovation Award from the Wichita Business Journal in 2015.

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I unfortunately see work related injuries. I feel the LEACHROD Blade Lift Tool is a great tool to help minimize the number of back, knee and toe injuries in workers I see.”
– Dr. Pat D. Do, MD

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LEACHROD, LLC proudly provides blade lifting tools for customers worldwide.

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